Its School Time! 3 Items To Get Prepared For The New Session

Students in Nigeria are preparing for the new Academic session which begins this September. Part of the preparation involves shopping for school items that will facilitate easily learning and assimilation.

Just incase you forgot , here are 3 items that you should add to your shopping list.

1. School Bags :



Books are essential for learning.

Some are very bulky , while some are lightweight and can easily be carried.

Whatever the size is , it is important to have a bag for easy mobility of school items during the academic session. You can checkout Schoolbags on Jumia.


2. Grocery Items



Good Food is essential to the well being of every human being on Earth.

Food helps the brain alot because it provides the necessary nutrients required for easily assimilation of things we read.

Health eating is important for every student. You can visit Jumia’s Grocery Store to purchase food items.


3. Fashion Items


As a student , it is very important for you to look good not only because it helps your confidence , but because it can help you win favours from your lecturers.


Lecturers like students that are smart on both the inside and outside. Checkout Jumia Fashion Items

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