4 Important Electronics For University Students

Students in Nigeria are getting ready for the new academic session which resumes later this month. Last week , we talked about 3 items to help you prepare for school and today , we’re going to look at 5 electronics that you should have this academic session.

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1. Laptop :


If you’re serious about succeeding in your academics , then you should consider getting a laptop. Although not a prerequisites for success , laptop is very helpful  when carrying out assignment research and for programming, if you’re a science student. You can get uk / london used phones and laptops online or if you have enough cash , get from Jumia using the link below.

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2. Electric Cooker :


If you live in the hostel where there’s usually constant power supply , Electric cooker a.k.a “Hot Plate” would help you save money on Kerosene and Gas.

Its a life saver , and every university student should have it. View offers on Jumia 

3. Electric Fan :

rechargebale-fanComfort is important to academic success. The more comfortable you are , the more relaxed your brain is , and you tend to assimilate better under such condition.

Why read in a hot room when you can get an electric fan at cheap price? View offers on Jumia.

4. Generator Set :


Students that live off the campus can testify that the power situation is terrible. Most times , the best they can get is 3hours light everyday!.

This is where generator comes in handy. You can get a cheap generator and use it when you want to read. View offers on Jumia

Now over to you , which electronic device did you find helpful? Let’s have your comments!

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